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Ok all I need some serious help (not mentally haha). I have a paper due a week from Sunday. The paper is on evidence based practice in the current setting you are working in. I am new to school nursing and well I am not sure of what topic to pursue. Any ideas on EBP in school nursing?

Here is my paper theme: For this graded assignment you will be identifying a problem that is amenable to change in current nursing practice, identifying a clinical guideline, bundle, or best practice that addresses this problem. After a review of the literature you will be appraising and synthesizing the evidence from research studies that support practice change. Finally, you will be discussing how to implement the change.

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What about lice policies in school?

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That was going to be my suggestion too


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post-concussion nursing care/protocol

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"I'm genuinely surprised--and not happily--that there are school nurses who feel a lice infestation is NOT a reason to keep a child out of public school? Honestly?

It isn't easily transmittable between classmates? Not likely in older students, but younger ones seem to manage to always have their heads together at play or at a group project, lose their hats and grab someone else's by mistake, same with jackets--I've seen it plenty in the K-3 set (as a parent in the classroom).

I don't care if it's not a "health risk" by the definitions cited; it's a highly contagious insect infestation that can cause intense discomfort--not just to the original child but to every entire household that is placed at risk for infestation. How about the child who scratches until he bleeds? Perhaps the risk of infection might be a concern?

I'm no psycho mom, but I'm quite certain that if there's a child who is allowed to stay in school and therefore allowed to infect other children, I'll have something to say about it. My son once caught lice, and of course I kept him home until it was cleared--as was the school policy. As is the current school policy, and the school policy of every school they've ever been in....thankfully." Written by RNsRWe

I read this post on another thread and immediately thought of your assignment :) Good luck!


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Yeah I read that too and was baffled. Its such a stigma that people cannot get past, no matter what the evidence suggest. I think I will do my paper on this topic. :roflmao:


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Check out American Academy of Pediatrics and their recommendations regarding lice in schools. Very interesting. If that's not applicable to you specifically, or you just aren't interested, there is some great concussion EBP and research out there. Some more ideas for your paper could include diabetes management in your setting, vision/hearing screening protocol, arguing for early(ier) intervention and education programs for drugs, alcohol, family planning. I'm sure there are mass amounts of info on all of these.