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Hello everyone. I was wondering if there are any nurses working with teens/kids with eating disorders inpatient. I'm debating whether or not to enter this specialty but I know little about what nursing is like in this area. I'm from med surg adult.

thanks again!

I know nothing....but my educated guess is as soon as these kids are physically stable they'd be placed in a mental health unit. Again I'm guessing but even that may be a very short admit. Home to the family and out patient psychiatric care.

I may be completely wrong.

I think I'm going to have to turn it down, I was told the nurses have to sit and eat the exact same meal 100% completion as the kids and it's high fat carb meals. I already struggle with cholesterol. It's a shame because I think it would've been a good opportunity.

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I think there is a hospital in Denver that has a medical ED unit- I can't get the website to work but if you google 'denver eating disorder unit' you will find it

We have 1 psych facility with an ED specialty floor where I am

THere are more residential units than inpatient-- and there are nurses that work there

I live in MA so we have a lot of facilities

Check out the NEDA- national assn ED's -- website-- they may have a list

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There is an eating disorder unit near me and we have referred pts there from inpatient short term crisis.

The most challenging pt I ever had was a 15 year old with an extremely bad case of bulimia.

I will spare you the details of what I went through. It was worse than getting kicked, worse than the headbangers, worse than cutters and worse than the pt that flooded the unit. The worst.

It's a very specialized type of care. We cannot help those with eating disorders in inpatient crisis. Its also one of the few things that the ACT team can refer out for, because its a very specialized type of treatment.

If you do decide to take the job, you will be an invaluable resource for wherever else you go afterwards, because its rare to find someone who has experience with this.

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