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Easy to keep getting travel assignments to same city??

I am just starting to get into travel nursing. My question is, is it easy to keep getting travel assignments for one specific city. Or is this a hard task to accomplish? For example, I really want to work in Orlando, but I don't want to move there necessarily. It would be ideal if I could find travel work repeatedly there and be able to go there often. Thanks. : )


Has 6 years experience. Specializes in oncology, MS/tele/stepdown.

When I did my contract in FL, I worked with a lot of travelers who returned to the same hospitals for high season every year, then went home when it was over. If a hospital has repeated needs during high season and you create a good relationship with them on your first contract, it stands to reason you could come back every year. I was asked to return for season myself.

Not working over a year in the same general area is a thing for travel nurses. Working 9 months at home, and a three month repeating travel assignment poses no issues. If all your income comes from the same place (like Orlando metropolitan area), that is your tax home and you cannot receive tax-free housing and per diems. Those stipends can add up to over $10,000 a year in real bankable tax savings if you are eligible for them. Lose them, and a big benefit of travel is lost.


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