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I'm looking for some guidance. I currently live in Texas and will be graduating with my ADN in December. I have already applied to the RN-BSN program that I hope to complete...just waiting to hear if I was accepted. It is looking like there is a good chance that my family will be relocating to Colorado soon (like as soon as I graduate) for my husbands job.

I have thoroughly researched TEXAS options for new grads.....because that's where I thought we would be. This opportunity has completely thrown my plans off so I am scrambling to find out everything I can about Colorado opportunities before application periods end and such. Most Texas New grad programs applications are this month for December Graduates.

ANYWAY, If anyone can suggest Colorado hospitals to look into that either have a new grad program open to ADN or RN-BSN grads, or that accept ADN new grad applicants I would greatly appreciate it. I am googling and combing all of the websites I can find but I obviously don't know all of the hospitals up there and have found that quite a few want BSN grads only (no RN-BSN accepted.) it's beginning to be a discouraging search.. I know the opportunities are out there just need some suggestions on where to look!

**More specifically Denver, boulder, fort collins, greeley, loveland areas......husbands job will be in the loveland area)


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Contact the Colo. BON to see what they require for licensure..that is step 1. Step 2, google hospitals in the area you want to live then go to their web sites or call their HR for information about degree requirements..

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Don't limit yourself to hospitals


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thanks for the suggestions!....I have already started that part of the leg work....just curious if anyone had any suggestions of where to look. maybe places I may be overlooking and such


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I will keep that in mind as I am searching! I have hospital on the brain right now because I am in the middle of the application process for new grad programs here. I will definitely explore my options outside of the hospitals too!