Easier to get Into LPN Program than RN


Is it easier to get accepted into the LPN Program than the RN program. What would be the gpa requirements to get into the LPN program? Doable with a 3.0?

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You need to talk with the school you want to attend. There is no way to say yes or no to that on here. Sure it is possible, but understanding what "easier" means to you is the hard part. It is possible an LPN school could have as many if not more applicants. I would worry less about "easier" and more about what you want to do..then focus on that. Good luck.

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In my experience, there are usually a lot of LPN programs and a lot of them are also vocational schools. Usually it is easier to get into LPN programs but you have to be aware of private schools that are more expensive and their credits may not transfer. I was in an LPN program that cost more than the RN so I dropped out and went and became an RN instead. My former classmates complained about having to repeat some of the pre-reqs like anatomy.

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Depends on the school. For my school over 300 applied for 60 RN spots and over 200 applied for 20 LVN spots. Neither was "easy" and both were very competitive. All of us that got accepted had very high grades and testing scores.