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Hi All,

I'm a UK trained and lisenced RN and Midwife. I've been trying to get to Tucson since I left the British Army in '01. My biggest problem seems to be finding a reliable agency/hospital to sponsor me.

First I tried an independent recruiter...she couldn't even be bothered to meet up with me when I made a trip to Tucson.

Next I tried an agency based in Florida...they tried to get me to file immigration paperwork for Cleveland OH!!

Now I'm having difficulty with TMC...it seems their Human Resources Dept doesn't know which way is up or down right now.

I'm already lisenced in AZ, I have my visascreen and with TMC had almost reached interview for a green card at a consulate stage.

Where can I go from here...I wish I was there and then maybe I could at least get answers from TMC!!

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


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birth and women's health center!!!!!!!:D

i tried to have my daughter there (complications brought on a c-sectiom), and the mid-wives there where wonderful. at the time ,'95, there where 4 cnm's and there are 3 birthing rooms. 2 o.b.'s on site, and right next door to t.m.c. it was a great experance to have my entire pregnancy there, and was referred by a freind who had a succesful delivery there. if you google onto their site there's a address and number. good luck!


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this Birth Center is the best in Tucson! They are non-profit and are located next TMC. The CNM's there love what they do. I totally agree w/the other poster. You should be able 2 find them online.

Good Luck!

I lived in Tucson 8+yrs, and am a CNM wannabe



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Thanks for your info, I'm looking into a few options now

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Hi - I moved from Tucson 8 months ago and worked at The Birth Center. They are listed, and if you speak with Michelle (lead receptionist) ask her for Kathryn Schrag's phone #. She is the founder and still very involved. Kathryn is always networked in and could be a huge help to you. Good luck. I really miss Tucson - you will love it.


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Kathryn was my mid-wife from time to time. She is was a kick! When I had my c-section, she was off work and came to visit me anyway. She's real sweet.


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There is a brand new hospital set to open in few months that might be worth looking into. It's the Northwest Medical Center, located on Tangerine Road in Oro Valley, which is just north of Tucson. Check the web for more info. Good luck.....


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Thanks everyone,

Nygirl, thanks, I looked into it and yes it could be a possibility but not for processing right now.

Anyway, just to update you all....I just received a job offer from Bullhead City...I was stuck on Tucson cos my in-laws were there...but this is a great offer and looks like it might work out.

Thanks for all your input



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just a fair warning, bull head city is hot and very [color=olive]humid! i have never lived there, but have freinds who did. summer really is bad there, you need a car with good a.c. the cool part though, is you a hop, skip, and a jump away from laughlin! i believe they even have river boats on the colorado river! it might be alot of fun! good luck! put a quarter in wheel of fortune for me!


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Thanks for the heads up

Bull Head, is part of the mohave desert how can it be humid?

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The big river that runs through it might have something to do with it.....

Oh, and it actually gets cold there in the winter too, even in the desert.

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