Hi all! I am getting ready to order my books for Nursing 1 and was wondering if anyone used etextbooks? I have never used them and was thinking I would get either my Med-Surg or my Fundamentals in etext and the other paper and just ease my way in. Ideally I would like the etext the one we use the least. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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E-textbooks would be really convenient if you have a tablet and you're required to bring your books with you to class or clinical. They also make looking up specific words/phrases pretty simple because most come with a search bar. I guess it just depends on whether or not you'd prefer to read a paper book that you can actively highlight, or if you wouldn't mind have an ebook that isn't as interactive.

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I have a love/hate relationship with ebooks. I love that I can VERY quickly search for things, they don't weigh a gazillion pounds like the books, and you can't print out certain pages/chapters. But I also LOVE regular text books. I like being able to hand write notes in it and highlight. And while I know you can do that with ebooks, I don't like to.


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I used to hate e-books. Nursing school changed my mind. I bought my books in a package set that had all the regular textbooks along with the digital versions. I thought I'd never touch the e-books, but instead, I rarely touch the textbooks. They are HUGE and HEAVY. It is so nice to just pop my kindle in my bag and have all my books with me! I also can copy and paste things from the book into my personal notes and study guides that I make. Not to mention, there are interactive reviews with the digital books that I quite like.

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You can highlight and add notes to e-books. We had to buy our books in a bundle anyways. It would have cost a lot of money to but them all again as e-books.:cry: But sure would have saved me a lot of trouble if I had the digital versions.