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Hi my name is Karen and I'm an RN currently working LDRP and Clinical Nursing instructor for PEDS. I just would like to talk to and find out what is going on out there in the World of Nursing everywhere. I'm currently attempting to pursue my MSN. I started out in Nursing with an ADN then BSN. I would LUV hearing from you.To all that read this you are truly a special person to do what you do every day sacrificing normal working hours, weekends, sleep, breaks, even lunch or dinner( and let's not forget even bathroom time) and family, Your patients are very lucky to have had you!!! for that brief moment in time.


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Hi Meghan, I'm sure I am not what you have in mind as an e mail buddy since I am not yet a nurse - I was looking for a mentor and you are both, in California (like me) and also in LD which is what I am interested in. If you are willing to be a buddy to a newbie please let me know: ) I am at [email protected] Beware - I have a million questions!

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I am Debbie, an RN in the Seattle, WA area. I do LDRP, well newborn, and GYN surgical nursing here. I have been a nurse since 1997...a latecomer to the game. I am an Air Force veteran of 10 years who used to do systems analysis and supply. I got out, used my GI BILL, intending to get a degree in computer science, and decided to change halfway thru to nursing. Never looked back, I LUV it!!!!!!

Anyhow, enuf about boring ole me: if you are interested in correspondence, let me know, I will email you. I will check back here to see. I am not one to post my email addy openly in a forum like this , but would welcome online "pen pals". I have been there, the one with a million and a half questions and would love to help YOU!

Hey guys,

I'm a new mom and am wanting to write to L/D nurses... I hope to go to college to obtain my PSW or RPN... and would like to hear from anyone and everyone who is interested in emailing to just chat...

Hi to all

I am a RN from the UK. I qualified back in the 80's Have 7 yrs CCU , 4yrs acute medicine and now work in a stroke unit. Never thought I would love it but I do. The quality of care is excellent. The staff are completely committed to standards of excellence.

We are forward thinking and attempting to develop this service throughout Wales

I did my BSc working full time, now embarking on MSc

I would love to chat to other nurses world wide

My Email is-

[email protected]

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