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Hi my name is Karen and I'm an RN currently working LDRP and Clinical Nursing instructor for PEDS. I just would like to talk to and find out what is going on out there in the World of Nursing everywhere. I'm currently attempting to pursue my MSN. I started out in Nursing with an ADN then BSN. I would LUV hearing from you.To all that read this you are truly a special person to do what you do every day sacrificing normal working hours, weekends, sleep, breaks, even lunch or dinner( and let's not forget even bathroom time) and family, Your patients are very lucky to have had you!!! for that brief moment in time.



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Hi, I'm Anne and I work as a School Nurse(the only one) in Cloudcroft, New Mexico (the state not the country...an inside joke). Love to hear from other nurses around the world. I am curious about other practices. E-mail me at [email protected]. Great Idea!!!

OB RN in Panama City, FL. Would love to chat. Have worked for five years in OB. Do L&D, NSY, PEDS, PP. We have a Level II NICU, we do some high risk pregnancies. We have 2 hospitals. I work at both. One has a ten LDRP set up with mother baby and the other is a five LD set up with post partum/nsy care. They are both very different in themselves. Write me if you are interested in talking.

Hey nurses: Count me in. I left the ER after several years & went to L&D lasst April. I'm glad I made the transition. There really is something special about being part of someones life for a short time.

Sure would be great to hear from some of you nurses on my posting on this site. My name is Todd and I am a L/D nurse for just over 1 year and really glad I stuck it out. The begginning was rough but i feel I am better for it. I would love to hear your opinions

on men in OB nursing, either experinces with, opinions about, or whatever. I plan on compiling some of the info and submitting it to a nursing journal to help bring this issue to the forfront of OB. I love this area and thank God daily for the opportunity

to work L/D. Women like yourselves with open hearts, and minds have made my transition into this area as smooth as glass.

Feel freee to email me at [email protected]

My posting on this site is

Women need only Apply A Male perspective..

thanks for your help and input...

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Hi there,

My name is Martha and I have been a OB RN (special interest delivery) for almost 13 years. I think it takes several years, at least in understaffed community hospitals with no residents, to feel reasonably cofident in delivery...As I have said before, though, anyone who ever truly feels at ease in delivery probably shouldn't be there...Prior to OB I was in cardiac step down, pediatrics, med surg and diabetes teaching....Would enjoy talking to others and hearing the similarities and differences around the country and around the world....Also thinking of writing a book some day that good naturedly pokes fun at patients instead of nurses....We would be the good guys instead of the other way around....I am at [email protected] and would enjoy hearing from you. Krystal , I have one in college and 3 under 4! With the last one I was convinced I had an ulcer ( it was morning sickness!) So much for my alleged OB expertise!

Hi, my name is Teresa and I am not a nurse yet, but a nursing student VERY interested in Maternity. I just finished my maternity rotation in my ADN program and loved it! Right now I am trying to decided what area of OB to go into because I have an excellent opportunity to work as a student nurse at Yale New Haven Hospital in L&D, PP, or High Risk OB that will lead to a job after graduation. I was thinking that PP might be for me to start to get skills down before going to L&D which I know is very active. Feel free to email me at [email protected].


My name is Tricia, and I've been an RN since July 01. Did Cardiac ICU, ICU, and open heart recovery in school...have done ER since October. I'm also interested in eventually going into L/D, trying research, and getting my MSN to be a NP. Would love to email! :)

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Count me in. I would love to chat and email with other nurses around the world. I have been in L&D for 8 years and love it. I started from the ground and worked my way up. from nsg. asst, unit sec, lpn, rn to charge nurse. I really love my job,

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Hi all,

Would love to email with other L&D, PP nurses. I worked med-surg and ER for nearly 6 yrs and got the opportunity to go into L&D in Sept. I really enjoy it most of the time, but sure don't feel real confident. Need a lot of one on one training and I feel like I could sure use more at times.

I work in a small hospital, with 3 LDR's and we could put 6 pts on our PP without using any of our LDR's for PP. There are about 10 of us staffing our unit and have 2 obstetricians.

Would love to hear from any of you. My email address: [email protected]

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I will be graduating from my BSN program on Sunday!

Currently studying for boards.

Will work at Yale New Haven on the L&D unit in late July.

12 week internship.


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My name is Meghan, I did 10 mos in Medsurg and have been doing L/D post partum for 1 1/2 years now. would love to have some one to email My email is [email protected]

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