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2019 DUI Success Story

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Hey everyone! I decided to make this post to inspire others because I came across this site looking for hope and success stories to calm my nerves when it was my turn to apply for the NCLEX-RN exam with a misdemeanor in my background. Although my conviction was reduced to a Wet and Reckless, the BRN will still consider it a DUI, but of course a little more less than a DUI. Here is my timeline:

July 2017 - arrested for DUI (blew 0.12) 

October 2017 - reduced to Wet and Reckless

+ 3-year unsupervised probation begins, 3 month DUI course required, 11 days of community service (I completed all of this by Feb 2018) except the 3 year probation which will end on Oct 2020

May 2018 - Graduated with BSN

*Life happened and I took a break before applying for my license. 

March 5 2019 - Applied for NCLEX-RN ($300)

I submitted all paperwork including the court documents, police report, completion of DUI school, and letter of explanation (about 4 pages long). My lawyer whom I hired back in 2017 had already provided me with the police report and court paperwork so I didn’t have to hunt those down, luckily. Also, I did NOT include any letters of reference. I was about to upload them a few weeks later until I got the good news that it was already approved.

March 18 - Registered and paid for Pearson VUE ($200) and received a Registration Acknowledgment via Email I signed up with right away. 

Just 17 DAYS after I applied my submission date changed to 03/22/19 and to “Initial License RN by Exam” which means (as stated on the Website) that I was approved!!!!!

I am still waiting for my ATT & I will be contacting the BRN tomorrow for more information. I heard it takes only a couple days for ATT to arrive especially if you paid the PearsonVUE already. 

I will be using my letters of recommendation for future employers, so it’s still a good idea to get them even tho I wasn’t able to use them for my application.

Also for my letter of explanation, I was sincere, honest, and myself which I’m sure the BRN can tell . I apologize in advance but I will NOT be providing my letter as it is personal and unique to my situation. I don’t want anyone to copy it and have the BRN recognize it and then me getting in trouble in the long run. I’ve worked long and hard to get where I am and I don’t want to jeopardize that no longer. 

I am am here to inspire and give hope to those who are in the same boat as me. Good luck!

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Hi, I have a DUI and a Wet and Reckless from over 10 years ago. I will be applying to for my RN license soon and I’m not sure how to proceed. I have been told it’s best to give a sobriety date. I am not sober but seldom drink alcohol. Did you give a sobriety date? And did you include any circumstances going on in your life that led to reckless behavior eg. the DUI? I have worked so hard to become an nurse and don’t want my past to hold me back. Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated.

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