DUI in March - never thought to notify BON

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I received a DUI back in March and accepted a plea for the First Offender's Program; my DL was revoked and I was forced to enter a DUI ETOH/drug education class which I still have not yet completed.

I was working as a teacher in a public high school at the time and I did not notify my employer. I have since applied for other jobs and received job offers, including one associated with a correctional facility - which I told about my DUI. They rescinded the offer due to me possibly needing to drive while OTJ. I have since then accepted and been fired from 2 other jobs, one at a summer camp and one as a travel RN. Neither agency has said anything about background check or my DUI and I have done stupid things to get fired at each job unrelated to ETOH/drugs.

I am currently back on the job hunt and have been checking the box on hospital website applications for previous criminal record but until seeing it here, I never thought to notify the BON. What is my obligation in the state of Maryland?

FWIW, I was able to re-new my license for this year without any difficulty.

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The best source for your answer is...the Maryland BON. Check their website to see what you have to do regarding notifying them of convictions. If you can't find the answer on the site, write them a note--anonymously if you prefer--and ask. Though it's a pretty safe assumption to state that you will probably have to report this, as almost every (if not every) BON wants to know about a DUI.

If you do have to go in front of the BON about this, I strongly recommend getting a lawyer who specializes in dealing with BONs. Yes, it's money out of your pocket...but the BON is NOT the nurses' friend: they don't care about your job hunt or your struggles. They're out to protect the public first and foremost: your rights are considered second, if they are considered at all. You need someone in this who is fighting for your and your rights alone.

Best of luck!

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I have to be honest. The fact that you were fired from two jobs in a row is sending up HUGE warning flags. If I saw your application I would round file it immediately.

What stupid things could you have done two jobs in a row to get fired?

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