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We can't use the pre-made drug cards, so to get a head start on making my drug cards, I am looking for a website with a list of the top 20 drugs taken by patients.

We can re-use the drug cards we make ourselves, so if I get a head start it will benefit me.

So...... do any of you know were I could find a list of the top 20 or so drugs?? I did a google search, but could not locate an up-to-date list.

If there is no such list online, maybe those of you with an extra few minutes could post the drugs that you have had to use student drug cards for the most. I would appreciate any info!



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Which drug book are you using? I use Davis's Drug guide for Nurses.

It comes with a CD that lists the 300 most common drugs. I make my own drug cards by using the CD.

I copy and paste every thing required: Theraputic class; Pharm class; action; contraindications; side effects; nursing interventions; assessment; family teaching ect. into Word. I then highlight in yellow the most important things on the card.

I then go to page set-up on the file menu and set the paper to 4x6 index card landscape print. that separates all the info that was set as a document into flashcards/drug cards.

Then I print all odd pages. When they are finished, I put the cards back through the printer and print the evens. My instructors LOVE it and it is SO MUCH EASIER than writing them out in long hand.

Hope this helps!!

Yes, that is the Drug Guide we are using! I will try to do what you are doing, but I have a crappy printer, so I may end up having to hand write them anyway.

THANKS for the advice, I could get a head start if I just knew which of the 300 was the most widely prescribed now!

I will try your tip as soon as I get some 5X8 cards!


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Here's mine! (My instructor made them). I've listed them by brand name:

1. Hydrocodone w/APAP

2. Lipitor

3. Synthroid

4. Atenolol

5. Zithromax

6. Amoxicillin

7. Furosemide/Lasix

8. Hydrochlorothiazide

9. Norvasc

10. Lisinopril

11. Alprazolam

12. Zoloft

13. Albuterol Aerosol

14. Toprol-XL

15. Zocor

16. Premarin

17. Prevacid

18. Zyrtec

19. Ibuprofen

20. Propoxyphene N/APAP

Hope this helps!


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I have some drug cards that I made from an online list of most-used drugs (along with some listed by people on this site... you could probably find those posts by doing a search)...

Anyway if you want you can get my drug cards and a whole bunch of other study materials at:


THANKS you guys have been sooooo helpful!

I appreciate your taking the time to post,

Great advice/info!


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We get to use the Med Decks because the instructors say that it's just another stressor that we don't have to have...

I have my first drug card to do and in the davis drug guide it is five pages long to i put it more than one card, simpify it, type it smaller? Help I going crazy

:o :uhoh21:

That's probably up to the instructor, ours like for us to keep it to 1 card - 5X8, so I have to make my font small sometimes to get it all in.

We are only required to include certain info, that pertaining to nurses mainly, so that helps,

Good Luck!

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