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I have to take a pharmacology test for employment after I graduate. The nurse recruiter told me to use my drug cards from school, only, I don't have any! I looked in the bookstore but didn't see anything. Does she mean actual cards with info on them? Does anyone have any idea where I can get them? Although I have taken pharmacology tests before, it's always been either take home or a group test. I got a list of the meds and there are about 180 drugs! Help!


Don't panic!!!! I know that mosby's makes some. The best way to go about this is to cattagorize the meds in say cardiac drugs, resp drugs, skin drugs, or something like that. this is halpful because most of cardiac drugs have similar side effects, and so on. The cards are just like the little book except they are not bound!

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Thanks Amanda, I will check out Mosby's online and see if I can find anything!

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If you have a Chapter's Bookstore in your area you can order them. You should also check you local nursing college/university bookstore.

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You are so lucky Laura. When I went to school a long time ago we had to make our own drug cards. These were acquired during each clinical. Every patient we had we had to write down every drug they were on, and that night we had to put these drugs on 3x5 cards and write down uses,side effects, nursing interventions, interactions, ect. ect. ect. Very time consuming and boring. After filling them out they were placed in a little tin box like your mother used for recipes. By the time I was done I had quite a collection and these were handed in at the end of nursing school and you were given a grade on them. So, I am thinking that this is what she was refering to. I believe this was done in RN school also for years. I"m so glad that they discontinued this. It was a total pain in the a--. I did learn alot of drugs that way, but was a mommy to, 2 small children, at the time, and felt I could have used all that time I spent copying things from my drug book to better use. Good Luck with your studying. See you on the boards.


I just graduated in April 2000, and I had to MAKE drug cards except I had to had them in every term!!!! Yes they were a pain in my but, but I know the common meds because of it.


Hey Laura!

We used the Mosby Med Deck cards for our first semester of nursing, I've seen them both at Barnes and Noble and Booksamillion, so you should be able to find them at any major bookstore. I don't know if I'd bother buying them though if you already have a drug guide, unless you think they'd be easier for you to study from. I think my Davis' drug guide is easier to use, with the cards, it's hard to keep them in order. I have to take a pharm exam soon too for my hospital, but it's just a general exam-I'm just reviewing my notes from pharm class. We also used Lilley and Auker's "Pharmacology and the Nursing Process" text, which is great because it discusses the major classifications of drugs, discussing them as a whole, rather than each specific drug.

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As others have said, Mosby's drug cards are the best. But seeing as how you are ready to graduate, I would purchase a 2001 drug handbook and get the information out of that as it contains the same information. I purchase a new drug handbook every year. Nursing(springhouse)Drug handbook is good although i prefer Lippincott's and have al ready ordered the 2002 edition. the New drug books come out in about July of every year. Good Luck!

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