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I can't figure it out. For some reason this information just isn't sticking in my head this semester. I passed pharm just fine in the spring but this second semester of class is going to cause a melt-down of some sort. This is a different instructor and I'm not the only one struggling, almost half the class is.

Can anyone give me some hints on how to conquer this? I've spoken my notes outloud to my dogs, I've rewritten the class notes, I've drawn pictures to give myself some silly visual cues. If I don't pass this test in the morning, I'm gonna go through myself on the floor in front of my instructor and have a tantrum.



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Cindy~ I know exactly how you feel! I took pharm this summer online, which seemed almost impossible as there was poor communication between faculty and other students. I did manage to pass somehow, thank goodness. I really can't offer you too m any tips, as it seems memorization is the key component. I do wish you luck though with your test! Don't get too discouraged!!



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What is it exactly that you're trying to remember???

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This one statement got me through Pharm with a 93% grade when it was all over. The Pharm Professor told this to the class the very first day, and I remembered it when testing and learning drugs. He said:

"A Steroid is a Steroid is a Steroid."

Keep the drug classes straight regardless of the name of the drug and you will always remember the side affects and purpose of any drug you have to administer to a patient.

What are Steroids given for?

What side affects do Steroids have?

What would you teach your patient regarding their taking Steroids?

Apply this same thinking to any drug class whether it is a Steroid, an Antiarrythmic, a Vasodilator, or antibiotic, or........whatever the drugclass may be.

On the exam were many different drug names that students kept telling the professor he had not covered in lectures. However, in the test questions, the professor DID mention what "class" the drug was in so many words, and so I looked for those clues, and that's how I passed the course.

Hope my experience helps you in your class. :)

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