Drop the pen and back away slooowly...

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The Nursing pen is not public property. For many Nurses, once we get a pen that is reliable, we protect it at all costs. Physicians are notorious for "stealing" a Nurse's pen. I found one way to stop this if I use one with a cap. If anyone asks to borrow the pen, I take off the cap first and give it to them. No one wants to pocket a pen without a cap. It's messy. How do you ensure that your favorite pen doesn't conveniently get "lost"?

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I have a collection of cheap poems that I will lend out. My good ones are in my hand, my pocket, or (at the start of my shift) in my hair.

I learned never to use a good pen. I was charting with a gold Cross pen. It was 2 AM and suddenly we had a code (CCU) and had to open a chest. After cleaning up I came back to find my pen MIA. Been using cheap BICs ever since.

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I don't have a method but I do get very attached to my favorite pens.. And losing one is like a tiny death

Specializes in Programming / Strategist for allnurses.

When was the last time somebody took your pen?

I keep my pen in my pocket and nobody uses it but me. If someone asks to borrow one I track down a cheap one.

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