Drexel 2-Year Fast Track Program


I was accepted into Drexel's two year nursing fast track program for fall of 2010. I have completed all the prerequisites at community college and can get my BSN in two years from drexel. Is anyone else accepted into this program? If you are do you plan on attending?

Ted D

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Is that just a less intense version of the ACE program?


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No, I believe its mainly for transfer students who do not have a bachelors degree. You have to complete 2 years of prerequisites and then 2 years of nursing courses to get you bachelors degree in nursing.


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I think it is different than the ACE program.


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I have been trying to look into this program because i would love to do this but i can't find any information on it. Can you please send me a link or any information that would help me continue this process it would be greatly appreciated


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The only information I have is what Drexel sent me when I applied. All I know is that if you do all the prereqs then you can get your bsn in 2 years. I was told that to get into the fast track you have to have above a 3.3 gpa when you apply to the nursing program. Drexel gave me a layout of the two years and a lot of the classes are online. It's a new program and I could not find any information online. You can probably call the nursing department to get more information. I was accepted but most likely not going to attend.

I haven't heard of this program. I only saw a fast track BSN-MSN program which seemed like a dual admissions. I am going to contact my adviser and will post what she says...


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Let us know what you find out. I would be interested. If you get info PM or email me. Also what pre-recs does the program require? Thanks!