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Hi everyone! Curious if anyone applied to 's last masters cohort. I saw it open on their website in January with a deadline of 1/31. I was surprised to see a masters class after previous information posted on their website and was curious if anyone had insight as to the change? 

I was wondering the same thing too. I thought they are transitioning to DNP.

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That was what I had previously read on their website too. I was just curious if anyone on here applied for this class starting Winter 2021. I did!

So I emailed them about that. This is their response:

"The January deadline was for our last class of the MSN program.  It had been previously filled but a few students opted to defer and some last-minute seats had opened.  We are no longer offering the MSN option."


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Interesting. I wonder how many seats opened up that they re-opened the application process. You would think that they could’ve just pulled from a wait list?

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I applied also, I have an interview tomorrow! Did you hear back?


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I haven’t heard anything yet. My application wasn’t completed until Feb 8th. It took them a long time to waive the GRE requirement for me. 

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Hey so they interviewed over a dozen people for 3 seats... I guess people dropped last minute.

I didn't apply. I am trying to apply for their DNP when they open.


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It is open now!


Does anyone know when the deadline is?

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there is no deadline. It's rolling admissions

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