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All Current SRNAs,

Anyone want to comment on any dress codes your program might "unofficially" request? Looking for guidance on how to attend class in a mid-southern locale during the summer months. How professional do you dress when you attend lecture? What do the majority of your classmates wear? Male and female dress styles?


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It's all about being comfortable when you are spending long hours in the classroom. In the summer, I routinely wear shorts, t-shirts and sandals. Most of my classmates are the same way.

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I think pretty much anything would be ok, that is not too hoochie-mama-ish :)


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very casual


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No shorts, no tanks, no jeans or jean products, no open toed shoes.(For classes). Lab jacket if wearing scrubs but not in OR. Our dress code is stricter than most b/c class is actually on hospital grounds, not university. Have to look "professional" at all times!


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in the OR of course you are in the designated scrubs...

at school (there from the crack of dawn till late nite studying) - it is comfort all the way - i wear my work-out clothes (yoga pants and a sweatshirt) - and everyone is just fine w/ that....


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Dress code? Man, our instructors are lucky if we even shower!


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ROFL.... :rotfl:


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When at the hospital for classes- no jeans, shorts, tshirts, tank tops, flip flops. You are portraying the image of the program and the profession- so make it a good one. Lab coats to visit patient preop and postop. :rolleyes:


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Our dress code is -- scrubs or regular uniforms for clinical staff -- "casual business" attire for management and other staff. No denim, no open toed shoes -- no bare legs....no shorts etc.

Classees are casual -- they encourage anyone in house tomaintain professional standards when here due to the image of the hospital etc. They are not going so far as to tell folks what to wear on their own time, but believe it or not, there have been comments that suggest that when we are out anywhere - where people may know where you work -- look good! Of course, being a goddess myself (GAG! :uhoh3: GAG!)-- :p


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Our classes are not in the hospital except for clinical days and we have had some students come to the lectures in their PJ's !!!! the majority of the class comes in shorts or jeans, comfortable clothes for long, long lectures.

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