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Don't worry my question has nothing to do with immigration or registration! I'm wondering if it is possible to commute from Healesville to Melbourne for work... My friend is from Healesville originally... but was a teenager back then and never had to make it to work on time! Are there trains or buses? I've heard Australia has excellent public transit.

Whoever told you our public transport system is great, must have been the transport minister!A ustralia is a very, very, very, big island bigger than europe, most of it outback, aeroplanes is the most transport around the remote areas, I very much doubt anyone living out there would agree public transport is great.

I doubt whether it is feasible to work in the city and live in Healsville. Especially if you are a nurse and be doing shiftwork. Very unsafe on trains at night and they only run to certain hours. If you do not finsih till 11pm then work overtime, no way will you get back on public transport.

I know most people up in the Dandenongs drive, I do not live there, I live in other part of the Dandenongs, but Healesville is a very long way out with no trains only buses.

On re reading your post, do you realise 'Melbourne' is a big city, just what part are you considering commuting to?

Anyone know anymore?

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Not a chance! Just done a metlink ( Home - Metlink - Your guide to public transport in Melbourne and Victoria) search from Helasville to Royal Melbourne hospital. NO WAY will you be able to do it if you are going to be doing shift work, or trying to get in for a daily 9-5 job.

Public transport is OK in the cities but once you get out of the city you are left with little or nothing.

Sorry got no good news

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No Biggie! We're just bouncing ideas around! I'm sure it will all work out in the wash! I guess being able to visit home when ever he wants will be just fine!

BTW I've emailed the AHPRA so often with questions about registering that they responded today and said “just send your packet; we will let you know if it's not right...” I hope I haven't been stuck on some "My God, this woman is annoying list!"

We're planning on visiting this November, and I am so freaking excited!!! I guess I'll have a better idea of what's, what, then!

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PS Have you been to the Melbourne Cup? I think it sounds like fun, but he thinks it's a yawn...

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I have only been in Oz 2 years and the first year I was back packing and broke, last year I had to fly to perth on my days off during cup week to meet a friend who wasn't able to come to Melbourne. This year defiantly!

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