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Dr. Feelgood


Hello all,

I have a issue at work and just want some opinions on how to solve it. Well there's a doctor that treats patients on my unit, he's condescending to staff, and just had horrible bedside manner to patients and families. He makes the nurse tell the family members the test results upon discharge! I mean something as serious as strokes! This is illegal but he does it and no one supports the nurses when we complain. On top of that I had a pt of his that was diagnosed with meningitis, upon getting report from another nurse to find out if it was bacterial or viral, another nurse blurts out that he's her boyfriend and that she doesn't like the nurses calling his personal phone about "these " patients, and she's gonna speak to the director because nobody should have his personal number. I'm like that's his job and the test results were showing bacteria. And we wanted to make sure other staff and family remain protected. We contacted a supervisor and awaited the word on the next step, we find out the supervisor called back and relayed the message to that nurse and she didn't tell us! When approached her words were " oh, I forgot to tell you". What's your thoughts?

Horrible bedside manner and how he treats staff aside (because some people are just like that) no WAY would I be giving test results and diagnoses to patients and families. That is his job. Period. I would hate to be this way but once patients start complaining maybe they'll do something.

In the meantime I'd find out who oversees the physicians and have a chat with him/her about this. Talk specifics with that person.

Why in heaven's name wasn't the patient with meningitis put on precautions??! If we even have a THOUGHT that someone may have meningitis they are placed on precautions until we find out otherwise. That nurse should be reprimanded (and I'm not a big one for write-ups and such but come on!)

RNperdiem, RN

Has 14 years experience.

As a staff nurse, your power is limited. I would say some direct conversation would help, but it sounds like this doctor is not easily avaliable as seen by the phone message relay.

A strong nurse manager and a culture of respecting nurses has to be present for a doctor like this to be reigned in.