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This has been the most intense, frustrating summer of my life. This semester is FINALLY over except for 4 days of clinicals. I can't believe I made it through!!!!!

for those that are entering in the fall, good luck. I've read and not had time to post all semester long.


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Congratulations!!!!.......now that you know you can make it through one semester....you can definitely make it through rest...


jschut, BSN, RN

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Congrats that you made it!

Just do it...one semester at a time! (That's m philosophy anyway...) :balloons:


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Thanks fatima and julie!!!!!

I think the most trying thing was the school's policy of being able to bounce you for ANYTHING!!!! non cognitive behavior--which includes attitude and dress....and the CHECKOFFS.....at least 2/wk and if you messed up two times on anyone you were out.

PennyLane, RN

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You made it! It feels good, doesn't it? My semester is over on the 28th. I only have two more clinical days and three more lectures, two more quizzes and two exams, and then I'm done my 3rd semester!

At my school it's three strikes and you're out. So three clinical failures and you fail the class. You can be failed for something as simple as forgetting to wear your watch, depending on the instructor.

jenrninmi, MSN, RN

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Congratulations! I am almost finished with this semester as well. Four more days of Theory, two days of Seminar, four days of clinical rotations and one final and then I have 4 weeks off! Woo hoo! Then it's off to semester 4/5 in the fall. How much time do you have off before you start the fall semester?


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I still have 4 days of clinicals..then I get 2 weeks off. Fall includes Foundations 2, Pharmacology, and Psych, Peds, Ob clinicals.

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