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I am currently a Grade 12 student in BC, and planning to pursue a Nursing Degree at Douglas College next year.

I heard that students do have an option to apply for priority registration under the Academic Foundations (for potential Nursing applicants.) I was just wondering if I can use Pre-Calc 11 or 12 (instead of Foundations of Math) to meet the entrance requirements for the priority registration?

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Call the school and ask an advisor. Don't trust a random group of strangers on the Internet claiming to be nurses

Short answer is yes, according to the following page under admissions.

Academic Foundations for Potential Nursing Applicants - Programs - Douglas College

Foundations of Math 11 or 12 with a minimum grade of B (or acceptable substitution*)

If you dig deep a little bit, you know the idea for this requirement is to meet the prerequisites of MATH 1160 or PSYC 2300.

If you google Math 1160, you will see its prerequisites to be the following:

Math 1105; or B.C. Principles of Math 11 with a B or better; or B.C. Applications of Math 11 with an A- or better; or B.C. Principles of Math 12 with a C or better; or B.C. Applications of Math 12 with a B or better; or Precalculus 11 with a B or better; or Precalculus 12 with a C or better; or Foundations of Math 11 with a B or better; or Foundations of Math 12 with a C or better.

Introduction to Statistics - Courses - Douglas College

PSYC 2300 has the following requirements: PSYC 1100 AND PSYC 1200 and a C grade or better in Foundations of Math 11 (or equivalent)

Long answer is that you can get into the foundation program, provided that you have the required grades for these courses.


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I'm also a grade 12 student, with the same question! Thank you DC Nursing Student for your answer!


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I'm also a grade 12 student, with the same question! Thank you DC Nursing Student for your answer!

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Hey all,

I am wanting to apply for the academic foundations program -> BSN

I was wondering how intense the classes are and what advice you could give me if any im a little apprehensive

and do they somewhat set you up with the courses that you need to take or do you pretty much take whatever course yu can get

on the list at douglas college? Has anyone taken the courses PT or was it strictly FT and did you have an easy time getting

into those courses douglas is asking you to take or was it hard to get into some of them.. I was thinking of taking some courses

at UFV (the transferable ones) Im so new to this and I know it is what I want to do, just some sense of guidance would be

so helpful!

and I already talked to an advisor :) They werent all that helpful! :(


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You can take the academic foundation courses part time.

There is a list of courses you have to take:

Bio 1103 and 1203 (1203 can't be taken till after 1103)

Bio 2200 & 2401 (these could be taken concurrently but only after 1103 & 1203)

Stats - Math 1160 or PSYC 2300

Engl 1130 and one more 1st yr English

3 courses/9 credits of any other electives

They don't give you a set schedule. The courses are all offered at a variety of times at both campuses & you just arrange it how you want it. They call it 1+3 but admit that really it's more likely to take 3 or 4 semesters to get the foundation finished.

Anyone - even if you don't have a student # there - can check out the course planning site and see how many sections of each course are offered each semester. It changes from term to term but will give you an idea of how things look & you could make some tentative plans.

The Bio courses are the hard ones to get into simply because there is a huge demand for them & few spots open. If you have a high GPA from high school (or college transfer) it bumps you up the list & makes it more likely you'll get into the classes as registration in all courses is by GPA.

Workload for the Bio is what you'd expect. Lots of memorization, weekly quizzes, weekly labs.

They said at the info session in the fall that people who did not do well in the Bio tended to struggle in the program. A C+ is all they require but they seemed to suggest that if the C+ was a stretch, the program itself might be too hard or the student would have to really ramp up their study routines and techniques to succeed.