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Anyone remember "desire over have"? It got me through every dosage calculation!

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londonflo said:

so if someone solved a problem correctly but did not use DA they would be marked wrong?

Yes, exactly.  

I did not make this rule and I don't disagree with you, but if the OP wants to pass their exam it sounds like they are required to use DA.  That's what my school required too.

I suck at math too so I was so scared taking Med Dosage. I practiced my butt off, watched YouTube videos on it and was able to be tutored by my teacher. Sometimes a professor can set you up with a tutor and that might help. Doesnt hurt to ask.

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I totally screwed up my very first maths test. 

We used the book 'maths and meds for nurses' takes you right from basic maths and why you would ever need to know that as a nurse

the first formula in the attached PDF is one easiest med formula I have found Calcs Revision Package.pdf

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