Don't wake the sleeping giant

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It is a known fact that sleep deprivation has been linked to adverse health outcomes. Nurses have had that one patient who has an irregular sleep-wake pattern. He FINALLY falls asleep after trying for hours to figure out something that will work. And ... it works.

Now, you have a mandatory nursing task to perform. What ways have you utilized to wake your patient? Does your hospital track and/or review its patient-sleep policies?

(Thank you to @NurseyTings for the caption. She is the winner of the July 2019 Caption Contest.)

This is a tough one. Have to use common sense and nursing judgement. But my bottom line is if they're sick enough to be hospitalized sleep comes in second to checking an incision, IV site, glucose, etc.

I haven't worked acute care for a long time. There was no tracking or reviewing last I worked.

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