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Don't know if I should continue pursuing nursing as a career

I need some advice! I have been done with prerequisites for a while and I am trying to apply to community colleges for their ASN program. However I've been feeling really discouraged for a while now after receiving a rejection letter from county. I have an A in micro and physio but a C in anatomy. I got an 87% on the TEAS V and I usually do very well in school, it was just not the right time and place for me when I took anatomy. I know I would make a great nurse but it is just frustrating how hard it is to get in nowadays. Do you think I should retake anatomy? Has anyone with a C ever got into a nursing program?? I would really appreciate some suggestions! Thanks! :nurse:


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Where are you located?

Do you have any prospective schools that you want to attend? Usually a C or C+ are the minimum requirement for science courses. If you do well in your other courses there shouldn't be a problem

I don't know about other places but around LA a lot of schools no longer have waiting lists.. the only thing you can do is reapply. I've applied to several community colleges such as los angeles county, riverside cc, san diego cc, and goldenwest college. I did not get into LA county, I'm still waiting for the rest :sniff:

Get nothing but As and B's in the rest of your classes you're better off than I am right now lol I got B and a A in A&P and A in micro but I got a F in A&P and a W on my record from micro..so just keep going with those good grades. I made the same.mistake too..it wasn't the right time for my class too

I believe all things ARE Possible. Just a few a months back, I was discouraged like you. Depressed and angry at why I was not given the opportunity to be a nursing student. Especially after the many sacrifices that I have made to come thus far. I was extremely heartbroken and reluctant to start back applying to schools. And I too did exceedingly well in my coursework.

As time grew, I enrolled myself into a Nursing Assistant Program, which was the best thing I could have ever done to make myself a better nurse. Additionally, I enrolled into the program to gain experience and I did. As of today, I work with residents who have intellectual/emotional disabilities and I simply love it!!! The organization I work for sends me and other staff to training with seasoned instructors. And I enjoy the training, because my body and soul just crave the need of learning new things. Furthermore, this is one example of how I dealt with the void in my life. By giving back.

Additionally, I changed the way I thought. I see many posts here that say, "well THIS NURSING program is competitive at this school." And I say, "I too am Competitive!!!" And we should ask ourselves this question,"How do you think the school got that way." From you and I. And I also pray, because I believe and prayer. And there might been a reason to why God did not want me in the program at that time.

So I say this KEEP PRESSING!!!!!!!! It's not easy. I know. I been there and it doesn't feel good, it seems like no one understands your pain but you. BUT KEEP PRESSING LADY BUG!!!!!! Only you knows you. By the way if the school has an interviewing process, I would explain in great detail to why you received the grade of a "C" in AandP.

Thank you for the words of encouragement! It's good to know somebody else understands my situation... I'm sure many people have been or is where I am right now. I think more programs should do interviews or change their system.. Not everyone with good grades can make a great nurse.

Have you tried just applying to bsn programs? Where I'm at adn and bsn programs have about the same amount of prerequisites.

Yes, I had one C, and still got into all of the nursing schools I applied to. I would imagine it was because of my TEAS scores. It definitely wouldn't hurt you to retake anatomy. It is pretty important to our major. I had a C in one of my anatomy's and retook it. I got an A-, but I still had a C from a previous biology class. I'm currently working to get rid of that C by retaking the class, so there are no more C's on my transcript. I think it does depend on the school, as each one is different in terms of acceptance. Try it out, though. Apply for the program, and I'd take the anatomy over again while you're waiting for a response. That way, if it doesn't work out, you can apply right away for the following semester without having to worry about waiting to apply again because you do end up needing to retake the class. And if it does work out the first time, then you still boosted your GPA. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice!

Oh your welcome, Lady Bug!! I am glad that I am able to give you advice. And now when you have defeated your obstacle, you can share your testimony with someone else.

I really hope both you and I can get into the program and make excellent nurses. Because I know we will. Keep Pressing and I will too.


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