Done with Prereqs, Accepted, Nothing to do...Help!


Hello! I just got accepted to a BSN program for this fall (2018) and am taking my last 3 classes this semester. However, I feel like I'm bored 24/7 since the classes I'm in are easy and require minimal studying. I have class for 2 hours M-TH and the rest of the day I'm bored out of my mind! That means I have 7 months with nothing to do until nursing school starts in August... I know I could just "get a job" but since I am fortunate enough to not need to, I would like to do something maybe school wise that could also benefit my ultimate goal of going to NP school after getting my BSN. Any recommendations are appreciated.

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I cannot recommend highly enough that you try to get hired as a PCT or aid. Especially if you have a local hospital that you would like to be hired as an RN at. You will learn soooo much in that role, that is directly related to becoming an RN. And you'll have a better understanding of how the aid's role , which may help you create better relationships with the aid's you work with as a student and as a nurse.


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Why must you insist on being an NP? At this point, why not skip nursing school and do a pre-med bachelor's degree and become an medical doctor? Or for that matter, become a PA (physicians assistant).

But in answer to your question: Do really good in these three classes you're in. Get A's. An A on a transcript is something you keep forever, and it matters. GPA matters.

But, I have to agree with Angel: If you must become a nurse, then get a job as a PCT at the hospital where you want to work.


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"Getting a job" in a hospital is seriously the best thing you can do to prepare and will be the most beneficial in relation to your goals. Don't get too ahead of yourself. I was required to get my CNA before nursing school and remember thinking "ugh I never want to be a CNA, I'm so glad I don't *have* to work as one" Well I ended up applying for a PCT position at my local hospital after encouragement from fellow students and IM SO DAMN GLAD I DID! Most beneficial thing I ever did. I'm graduating nursing school in May this year and I know 100% that my tech experience helped me land the nursing position I just accepted!