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After scoring not so good on my first exam, I revamped my studies and pulled hundreds on my lab practicals and exams, now I know I have a great chance of getting my A.


Thats awesome-way to pull that grade up, girl! :biggringi


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i'm doing my happy micro dance right now, too! i found out that i got both of my unknowns correct!! (staphylococcus epidermitis and esherichia coli). i do have to thank my friend, jennifer, for focusing my microscope correctly for me, so that i went on the right path...thanks, girl! we had our lab practical today and i think i did pretty well. then i just have to get through the final on thursday and i'm done! i still have to finish world lit this semester and i am all finished with my pre-reqs and core classes....

you are so sweet! you are very welcome!! you are going to be such a fantastic nurse. you are one smart cookie. good luck in the program.

i ended up with an 89 in micro! :uhoh3:


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You are so sweet! You are very welcome!! You are going to be such a fantastic nurse. You are one smart cookie. Good luck in the program.

I ended up with an 89 in Micro! :uhoh3:

Oh, so close!!! It was great to meet you--you're going to be a fantastic nurse, too! Keep me posted on how things are going for you

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