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Does the shift matter, experience-wise? - New CNA

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Background: I'm a 18 y/o CNA (since April of this year). and I'm working PRN at an LTC. I primarily work the 10pm-6am shift. I went in for a hiring event at a hospital a few weeks ago. I didn't expect to get the job, as I had less than a weeks experience at a different LTC facility. I wanted to know what to expect when I have the adequate experience to work as a hospital PTC. At the hospital interview they told me that with 6 months experience in an LTC, they would consider me. I think they may have said this because I was clearly young and nervous. If I'm accepted in October, than I will begin an ADN program next spring.

Question: I am concerned that working primarily the night shift will be an issue experience-wise. Will it make it more difficult to be hired at a hospital as a CNA/PCT, if I have less experience working the 1st and 2nd shift? Will the hospital care that the majority of my experience is night shift?

Also, this current LTC is the only decent reference I have. It is my 2nd job, the other LTC was my first. Would it help my resume to get a another PRN position elsewhere? So that I will have 2 professional references instead of 1?


Apologies for the rambling. I know I'm probably overthinking this.

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Are you a credible source? Add your Credentials, Experience, etc.

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Just now, Kooky Korky said:

I have no idea but I do wish you the best.

Are you able to get adequate sleep?


Yes, I am. I adapted to the night shift much more quickly than I thought I would.

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