Does a nurse preceptor qualify as a "supervisor/manager" type of reference?


I am in the reference checking process, so I am being considered for the job at this point. I am having trouble contacting my former boss, but my former preceptor was more than happy to be a reference. I cant let my current employer know that I am looking for another job. They want 4 manager type references and I need one more. Im having a hard time coming up with good recent ones.

My question is...Is it stretching it too far if I put my RN preceptor at my last job as a "supervisor/manager" type of reference, and maybe just specify that she was a preceptor in her job title? The criteria of manager/supervisor according to them is "someone in authority who is responsible for making decisions, setting goals, and directing the work of others".

Thanks everyone :)


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What about a former charge nurse? I like to use them on apps as a reference and have specified that they were the charge nurse.


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Use a charge nurse like the above poster said

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I have used preceptors before. They are definitely supervising you during the precepting process - at least, if they are doing it right.