Does the Nurse to patient ratio change for nights?


I am taking a nights position (I've never really worked nights as a nurse...a couple of times until 2a in the ER and then some call in the OR...and then before nursing when I was YOUNG I did some nights)...anyway, in the interview the manager told me the ratio was 1:1 or 1:2...but thinking back I am not sure if she was talking days (when we were discussing orientation). When I was on Tele, it was 1:4/5 for day and evening and then that would jump up for the night nurses.

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It's the same day or night in DOU where I work, but the nights often don't have a CNA.


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It is the same day or night...and we are the oppostie of vashtee...a tech at night and none in the day.


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I interviewed for a job last year ER/SCU and the it was 1:5 with no CNA help..."but you can call for help is you need it". And the nurses were not ICU trained and the SCU was only open when there was a need.


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In nursing homes - nurse to patient ratio doubles at night.

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