Does MyCAA cover the fees for NCLEX?

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I want to apply for the MyCAA program but I don't know which program/school to put in the plan before I can apply for financial aid. I have a BS in Nursing and would like to seek financial help for the NCLEX review. Do any of you know of a school or program that I can apply for? Oh and it should be online. I was thinking like Kaplan review or something. I hope someone could help me. I don't know who else to ask. Thanks!

There's a few parts to that. Getting down to the answer, NO. MyCAA states it very clear. I was grandfathered in through them but the new system and stipulations kind of stink. When you try to register you will have to take a quiz after some reading and it's repeated many times, doesn't not cover the cost of books, supplies, nor tests. The new program isn't like the old one. Before I was able to have them pay through my school for my state board exam but not anymore. Also, just so you know, you do not qualify if your husband is above E-5. And I am pretty positive they will only cover any costs toward obtaining a two year degree. So seeing as you have your bachelors, I don't think you'll even qualify. They also don't pay for remedial classes, only college level toward your degree, so I thinks it's safe to assume they wouldn't pay for a review. The new system makes the school send in your paperwork with your gpa. I don't know how a review course would work? You can always call Military One Source and ask to speak to a MyCaa specialist. Good luck! If not I would rent a study book ;)

Also, MyCaa is not financial aid but financial assistance for qualifying military spouses: meaning you don't fill out a FAFSA. You can always try applying for financial aid though whichever program or school you choose.

I would contact the sponsors of that program and get the actual requirements. Most financial aid programs only cover the costs associated with schooling. The NCLEX is not part of any school program and would typically be a personal expense.

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