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I'm aware that the job market is not too favorable for new grads in various areas around the country and it concerns me since I will be a new grad in about 9 months. I'm just wondering if those with a job in a hospital BEFORE they graduate (as a CNA, unit secretary, etc.) have just as much of a difficult time getting a new grad postion as a non-hospital employee? I've been employed with a local hospital for 3 years now and I have just started contacting the nurse recruiters so that I can get my name out there. I'm hoping my status as an employee will help get me hired faster. Can anyone give some input on this?

i dont think so especially if you personally know the NM. its an advantage on your part.


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I think this year the only way to get a job in a hospital was to work there already. I interviewed at the hospital I worked at and the NM told me that they were only interviewing internal applicants. Unfortunately, there were only 2 positions open and 7 of us that graduated. LOL Since they weren't running their new grad program, we had to wait until nurses left and positions open. So stay at that hospital because that may be the only way you even get an interview next year if it stays the same as this year.

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Being employed by the hospitals did help a few of my classmates...but at the same time, there are other classmates who are still CNAs, aides or LPNs because they have not been able to find and/or get into a RN slot.

It really depends on where you are employed and what they have open by the time you're ready for them.

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The good news for the OP is that she won't graduate for another 9 months. Things will probably a bit different then ... and may be a lot different. Nobody knows. However, there are some signs that the economy is beginning to turn around and that is a good thing.

Also, almost all hospitals have already cut their staffing about as low as they can go. Hiring came to a vitual stop as nurses who left an employer were not replaced -- or were replaced by nurses already employed who picked up additional shifts. Now that the number of employed nurses has been reduced and the people who wanted to switched from part time to full time have already done so ... employers will have to start hiring to replace anyone who leaves. I'm not expecting a flood of new postings, but there will probably be a graduate increase over the next or so -- and may be a sizable increase. My hospital is already starting to do that. We are hiring noticably more nurses than we did 6 months ago and expect to continue to hire gradually as we keep an eye on our "numbers" such as finance, flu epidemic, patient census, etc.


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It didn't help me any they said they could no afford New Grads even though I was an internal employee. I am so mad, I thought that is what we were suppose to do and I did it and didn't help any. I mean I still got the experience, but I would love to have worked there as an RN!!

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It didnt help me. My PRN position was "canceled" due to low census and I was told they couldnt hire me as a RN because they don't have a preceptor to train new grads.

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