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Does It Matter What College I Choose For RN-BSN/MSN?

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I have recently completed my ADN this past Spring (May 2014), and am now looking to transfer into a college/university for completion of my ADN-BSN/MSN. I have recently graduation from an accredited community college which is aligned with various universities such as Sam Houston State University, Texas A&M, Texas State, Stephen F. Austin University, and the University of Houston. Considering the community college has aligned with these universities, more of my credit hours from prerequisite courses will transfer over - which is an obvious plus. However, the difference in their programs is cost and length. For instance, Texas A&M and Texas State are often considered more "prestigious" when compared to SHSU or SFA, and are also more expensive. While I understand a Bachelors/Master's is just that, a Bachelors/Master's, does it really matter - to an employer, if I went to a "prestigious" university. While I personally would love to attend Texas A&M, and have for the longest time, my pocketbook is telling me to stick to the less "well-known" schools. Granted, they are all considered excellent schooling, does it really matter in the long run? I am not trying to take the easy way out with a shorter, and cheaper, program. I am simply trying to set aside my own personal vendetta to weigh money vs education / opportunity.

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I will tell you about my experience: I started my RN-BSN program at one of the state universities. They were in the process of changing their program. It was insane. With no warning, the very first class we were expected to be experts at APA. and they were relentless. I don't think they even read the content. I have had experience with APA as I have other degrees. Next they changed it so the distance education students had to comply with the seated, pre-licensure students as far as proof of vaccinations, a $250 TB blood test, titers for everything-proof of vaccination was not enough. Fingerprinting, drug testing, background checks. I had just finished school. I had all that stuff. I had the Hep A/B vax, TDap, none of that mattered. It was going to cost close to $1000 to get all of that done.

I transferred to another state university. None of the ridiculous "clinical" requirements. Totally different. I had no idea there would be that kind of difference between 2 state-run schools. Look carefully at each one.

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I would get to know your area. In my area, they look at experience more than the degrees.


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Once you get a MSN, where you went for your BSN doesn't matter worth a puddle of spit. The same idea applies to most higher education with a couple exceptions, ie getting your undergrad from Harvard then a Master's from South-Central Louisiana State University--in that case having sheepskin from an Ivy would still carry some weight.

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Please define what a "good" school is.