Does it hurt to get practiced on?


I'm pretty scared to take a phlebotomy class in the future because people will practice on you. I'm fine with practicing on others but I've never been a fan of getting my blood drawn...


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Lol pray for a good partner

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The only time anyone practiced on me was 10+ years ago when a classmate administered an IM injection of normal saline into my deltoid. Otherwise, practicing sticks on classmates really didn't take place in any of the three programs (LVN, ASN and online BSN) I've attended.

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I'm okay with needles, as long as they are in MY hand!


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Are you certain that this is how the class is done? In my nursing classes, no one was ever allowed to stick a needle into anyone, for any reason.

I'd like to think there'd be another way to learn....say, a rubber arm with a blood bladder.....rather than potentially injuring your classmates.

Can also say this: I'd never allow anyone to do a blood draw on me who hasn't got a fair amount of experience as I bruise like the dickens and a poor practitioner is going to make me look like a cast member of The Walking Dead!