Does getting certifications in other fields (EKG Tech) make you more marketable???

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Hello To Everyone That Will Take The Time To Respond,

Here goes nothing...I'm new to the Roanoke area and I have been looking into several ADN programs in the area...While I have my eyes set on attending NVR 2 year ADN program, I will consider other options...But my dilemma is trying to become competitive in this job market...I am currently a CNA (I have my license in VA and GA) but I want to know if taking other courses will make me more marketable (spell check eg. Medical Billing/Coding, EKG Tech, or even Phlebotomy classes) after obtaining my RN. My philosphy is extra education shouldn't hender but help. I'm mean as a RN do you learn how to do the same thing as a EKG Tech or other medical fields and if not wouldn't that be seen as perk to an employer.

My next question is what is the current hourly/salary rate for a new ADN grad (will not graduate until 2015?) The last post I saw for new grads in this area was 19.34-19.50 at Carilion but it was posted sometime in 2010.

Finally (for now), is there any difference major differences between the two major Hospital chains in this rural area...HCA and Carillion.

Any and all information on this subject and doing nursing in Roanoke would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks To All!!!!!

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after obtaining an RN? No, I wouldn't think so. I can teach a RN how to obtain a quality ekg in less than 10 minutes-probably less than 5 if she's paying attention. It isn't much of an advantage to RNs that are job seeking. It would probably be an advantage to a CNA that was job seeking.

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AFTER getting RN License = no is waste of monies after all they only look at the highest degree. And all those activies fall under the RN license so you'll be trained from school too.

BEFORE RN = depends if you're working in field or have extra monies

I took the phlebotomy class to gain confidence and skill for clinicals so at least I have given and received 35-50 successful live blood draws and if needed to i can find a vein using my bag of tricks learned in class vs. the other newbie who only practiced on a dummy and never once did a live person.

NOW CNA= working as CNA now yes having extra certifications can get you more monies, and can apply for PCT (patient care tech) position. (phleb + ekg) the medical terminology you can look up on google lol no need to pay for that.

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Before you finish school it might be a good idea. I worked as a phlebotomist for 7 years before I obtained my RN. The hospital that hired me said that they really liked that I had medical background and actually gave me credit as having 1 year RN experience for all my years as a phlebotomist. This is down in Webster, TX.

The only advantage I can see is IF you are working in one of those positions while in nursing school, it will give you will have your foot in the door and hopefully made some contacts with the Managers which can be a big help AFTER you graduate from nursing school. When you are presented with two identical applicants, they would probably hire the one they know and see doing a good job at whatever position it was. You are establishing credibility and showing you are a hard worker.

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