Does fasfa cover nursing programs?


Hey guys, so I'm currently in a community college and I'm wondering how long does fasfa cover you and does it cover programs ? This coming fall will be my 3rd year In college and I just need two more classes to apply to the lvn program. While waiting to get accepted(3 years wait ) Im going to apply to the cna program and start working as a cna + part time school and finish up a few of the rn pre req left, so after I get accepted and finish lvn im going to the lvn rn bridge program. My question is will fasfa cover my lvn and rn program ? (This might take more than 6 years ) .

Cna program will be paid out of my pocket. I'm just worried that I won't have money to pay for the lvn and bridge program if fasfa doesn't cover me. Has anyone been in the same situation ? Advice ?😣

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The FAFSA is an application that must be filled out annually. Granted, it's been quite some time since I was in school, but if I remember correctly, student aid isn't measured by the length of time but by the amount borrowed. If you want to maximize your student financial aid, go to the more affordable schools. Avoid the predatory for profit schools. Avoid the high priced schools that will cost you more in tuition than you'd be able to make within your first year working. Look into a pet time program- it may take longer, but you'd be able to work, save money, and take out less in loans.

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You should be able to get financial help through FAFSA. It probably will not cover the entire cost (books,et al.) but you can also apply for scholarships through your college and there are online sites that help you find scholarships. You might have to take out some loans too, but it's completely worth it. I was a staff nurse for 4 years and then started travel nursing and had my loans paid off after 1 year of travel nursing.


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I am returning to school after 20 years as an RN to become a CRNP. I filled out a FAFSA in March for my term to start Next month. I was approved for Federal Non-subsidized loans. Next year I might be able to get grants or subsidized loans because they based the 17-18 FAFSA off my 2015 tax returns. At the time my husband was working a good job. In Jan 2016, he got laid off. Only getting UE benefits.


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From what I understand, if you are qualified, you can get Bogg fee waiver cover for your class fee, no matter how long you've enrolled in school. For Pell Grant, there is a limit in lifetime receiving Pell. You cant receive Pell if your LEU is maxed to 600%. You may be able to borrow Loan (subsided or non-subsidized ). And its max borrowing length = ur program length x 150%. You can find this information on fafsa and nslds websites.


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Thanks for the information, really appreciate it. I've decided to just go straight for the RN program instead of taking the lvn route although I will still apply for the lvn to keep my option open. My concern is that I will exceed the limit of credits etc. And not be eligible for financial aid. I will not be able to finance my way through college + nursing program without it. I'm currently at 48 credits and should be around low 70s after I'm done with all my pre reqs. + nursing program(idk how many credits is the program is total)