Does CRRT adds value to your resume for CRNA school?

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Hello folks,

Will you be disqualified if you don't have experience in CRRT. My hospital doesn't train RN's unless u have 2yrs of exp. just wondering if it is really needed. Anyone who got admission without exposure to CRRT...



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I've never seen crrt and I start anesthesia school this week.


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Yes, it adds value. Any new skill or experience adds value but it's not a necessity. It won't make you a better crna. It's just something to bolster your resume and show you have more autonomy and experience on your unit.


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You definitely wont be "disqualified" due to your lack of experience with CCRT. However, like Alpha said, it definitely adds to your application. It won't make or break you though.

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I've never been exposed to it and I'm starting this fall. My best advice on things to be proficient in would be to focus on vents, hemodynamics monitoring, vasoactive medications/critical care pharmacology, and rescussitation.

Best of luck to you!

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