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Does CRNA school prepare you?

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Yes or No?

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Hello all just a question for you.

Does CRNA school prepare you to be a competent CRNA? You know like hit the ground running? Or is like nursing school where you only learn the basics and you feel like a total idiot as a new grad. I'm a new grad in a neuro ICU and I feel like I have a few years to go before I can call myself a competent and exceptional nurse, is it like that?

Tell me how you well you were able to perform your job duties as a new grad CRNA.

CRNA school should prepare to "hit the ground running." On your first day as a graduate CRNA, you will not be in orientation or have a preceptor; you will be running your own room. Regarding whether or not CRNA school prepares you to become a competent CRNA depends on the program. Of course, some programs are better. The army program creates full-service CRNAs that can practice independently as opposed to many programs that creates CRNAs who's training only allow them to work in an ACT environment. Of course, with experience, the graduate CRNA will polish their craft and will become better CRNAs over time, but it's nothing like nursing school. In my program, the senior students (12months) are running their own rooms and the CRNAs are typically only there for intubation and emergence. All of our classwork is complete after 12 months and we are in clinical the remaining 16 months. Your senior year is essentially your residency and you will be working for free. We also take call. As I said before, you should be quite comfortable as a graduate CRNA, especially if you attend a good program.


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I agree, the program will leave you prepared to handle your own cases without the assistance/guidance/supervision/direction of another anesthesia provider. You will be competent and skilled to handle everything that comes your way. If you put everything into your education and rotations, then practicing will be enjoyable.


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CRNA school is a whole different animal than nursing school. There is really no comparison. You are basically on your own during your training, so you are more than competent in the O.R. once you graduate and take boards. You are primarily the one responsible for the patient in the O.R. so you better believe that you must be competent.