Does anyone use CareDox?


Welcome back! Our school district is considering using this program. Do any of you use it? If so what are your opinions? Thanks.


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Out district uses it, and has since shortly before I was hired last year. I think it's OK. Has some decent features. I can't stand the reporting & think they have a long way to go with that.

We just got it; didn't have access to it until the Friday before school started last week. It hasn't been customized at all so the only thing under the drop down boxes is the word "other". So I am having to free text it all. Ugh. Taking too much time to enter things. Haven't really had time to come up with the group responses we want but when we get it customized hopefully it will be easier. So far, not a fan.

Our clinic is supposedly going to be one of the "test groups" for our district. We'll see how it goes. We won't even be getting it for another month or two.