Does anyone know an on-line college for LPN to RN that has financial aid


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Maybe I am asking for the impossible here but does anyone know of on-line LPN to RN college that is all or mostly on line , offers financial aid and is trustworthy? Any advice is appreciated.


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only complete lpn-rn online/distance program i am aware of in state of mo is excelsior college based in n.y.

sadly, they don't offer financial aid, but their program is fairly cheap and doable with some of the payment plans they offer.

good luck, let me know if you have any other questions.



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Pratt Community College offers an online program and financial aid. I am currently finishing up this program and used financial aid.

It's a Kansas college but we have several of our students coming from Missouri.

Hey I'm new to this website and I am about to start my Lpn class soon. I am planning ahead and already looking into Lpn to rn online classes and came across Pratt. My current gpa is only 2.2 in the nursing pre req but I am currently in 2 of the pre req classes and I still have 2 more to go. I did get a A or B in A&P and was wanting to know from any current students any advice they would give me to increase my chances on getting into the program. I also wanted to know other current students overall gpa's and teas scores.

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