Does anyone know of a good public speaker for hire?

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Hello all,

Our nursing program is turning 50 and we are looking for a great speaker. Although not necessary we would like them to be nursing oriented but could be motivational or comic etc. Have any of you heard someone great lately? The only speaker we have looked at so far is some nursing book author in Georgia. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.




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Echo Heron?

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If you pay my fare I'll fly over:D

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Larry: PSNA had Bernice Buresh, author of From Silence to Voice: What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Publice at our convention in Oct. I thought she was terrific, and really gave good, usable ways to get nursing's message out. Also enjoyed hearing Dr. Elizabeth Norman, who wrote about nurses in the Philipines during the 2nd World War. (We Band of Angels, well worth the read even if you don't get to hear her speak.) I've never been to one of her conferences, but I understand from friends that Melanie Chenevert is also very good, and funny. Her website is And I think Donna Cardillo who writes a column for Nursing Spectrum also does presentations.

Having said all that, I have no clue what kind of $$$ would be required to get any of them!

Good luck


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