Does anyone know how to find a Cruise Ship Nursing Job?


I am currently wanting to get a job on a cruise ship as a nurse. I cannot find any agencies that work for cruise ships that don't charge a fee. It seems silly, to me, to pay a fee. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.


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Try checking out All Cruise Jobs. I know a friend who got a job with a private cruise line through them (not nursing though). I'd have to double check, but I'm pretty sure there is no fee. Checked out there and it looks like there is only one nursing position posted (right now).


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Go to any cruise ship line web site and check out there job vacancies. I applied for a job with Princess Cruise Line and was turned down because I had no ED, or critical care experience. There was no fee for applying for the job, but I would have been required to traveled to the UK for the initial interview.



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I once looked at Carnival cruise lines. They required critical care experience and BSN at the time I inquired. Good luck!

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It's tough to do unless you have quite a bit of ER/ED/Trauma and adult Critical Care experience.

And remember you'll deal with A LOT of overly drunk people, sea sickness and so on. from what I hear, it's NOT a fun job.

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I checked the one job on and laughed out loud when I saw the job title: Registered Nurse/Stewardess. LOL!


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I checked the one job on and laughed out loud when I saw the job title: Registered Nurse/Stewardess. LOL!

Yeah, I laughed at it too. But then I noticed it was by Nautic Crew International, Inc which is basically a hiring agency for families/people looking for crew members for their private mega yachts. Basically they want to have a medical professional in case of emergencies, but since they should be rare (1 family and maybe 10-20 private crew vs thousands of passengers), they want you to take additional responsibilities. I dunno, depending on the responsibilities I'd probably be willing to to take an RN/Steward(ess) position just for the opportunity to cruise the world on a private mega yacht....

Besides, according to their web site, the salary for just a steward(ess) position ranges from 35k - 60k (depending on the size of the boat - 70ft - 190ft+), that's not taking into account the additional pay for being an RN.

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WOW! I didn't know this even existed. Do you think they would buy it if I sold them a line about how fishing is therapeutic and that I would be willing to start a "Stress Reduction Class" by showing the passengers some "reel therapy"?


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I'm going through the hiring stages with Carnival Cruise. They just want certifications from what I can tell and emergency experience (mine being a paramedic). They quoted me $48K a year and they are making contracts for next year now.

Go directly to the cruiseline websites and employment.