/Does anyone know anything about Medical Staffing Network?

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Can anyone tell me about medical staffing network? Has anyone traveled with them before?



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MSN is the worst, I repeat worst travel agency and their partners Inteli Staff are unsafe and unreliable. I have worked for them in various locations and make it my perogative to expose their risky business. Be extremly cautious when interacting w/ them.

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I worked locally per diem with them and had many problems. There are better ones out there. Now is not the time to give up staff job. I have only worked 3 of the 10 last days. Almost every shift canceled

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Yeah, I worked for them in Fl and WA (total of 6 yrs)- all was going well until I went to work one day and the staffing office at the hospital told me I was canceled for that shift. I called MSN and they said no one from the hospital called and canceled my shift..so I told the nurse supervisor that I was leaving and that I would gladly come back later in the day if they needed me - the supervisor said "no, you must stay if we are going to pay you for 2 hrs" (required by them because they did not call and cancel my shift) I said no, there is no requirement in my contract with MSN to stay the 2 hrs at the hospital. She was adamant that I stay, I was just as adamant that I was leaving, and leave I did. MSN "fired" me because the hospital claimed I was insubordinate - I figure they did it because in the end - the hospital is MSN's client, not me. Screw them.


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Were you able to get on with another travel company without any problems?


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I worked for MSN in a contract position for 18 months. I was an Intelistaf employee but when they merged my file ended up with MSN. It took them a month to realize I worked for them. I got my checks, but also recruitment calls. They had no idea that my contract was ending and could've gotten me an extension. I loved that site, and MSN screwed me.


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I just finished a 13 week assignment with one of their local branches. As long as I was willing to float I never had a problem finding a shift to work. I even pulled some overtime for extra spending money. My assignment was in Houston and I appreciate the relationship I had with the manager. :wink2:

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