Does anyone have interview at MTSA/or current student

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I have an inteview at MTSA in a few short weeks. Just wondering if anyone else has one and how are you gettting ready for this?

Found an older post but it was started back in 2006?

If anyone is current student I would take any advise you will give me.

I know this year they are giving patients to the hopeful student and I am guessing will be asking all kinds of questions according to which ICU you work in.

I have an interview on nov 16th.. Do u know how many individuals received invites for interviews?

No idea total number. 49 on 1st day of interviews

See you guys there. Good luck!

Hey everyone, Got my call today hope to see you in JUne

Me too!!!!! I was soooooo excited!

I am in too...see you guys in the summer

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How is MTSA so far? I am getting my things together for the application deadline of Aug 15, 11! I am also applying to a few other out of state schools. Just seeing how you liked it!? Thanks

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just had an interview at MTSA this was rough! panel interview was short, and kinda awkwardly silent. only asked 3-4 questions....nothing about cellular mechanism of drugs. left feeling not so great....anyone else interview at MTSA recently?

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Hey kyRN! Had my interview this AM as well! The interview committee was definitely quieter and more serious than I had anticipated. Managed to get a few good laughs out of them near the end of the session. No questions about cellular mech's of any vasoactive drugs whatsoever, unfortunately! I knew them all so well too! I had CVTICU Scenario 6 and some of the questions from the panel seemed random and out of the blue! Glad it's over with, BUT I almost feel more anxious in the aftermath than pre-interview! Oh well. Now, let's hope we both get our phone calls on Thursday, Oct. 6!

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Wow that's exactly how I felt...had the same EXACT scenario as you! Yes, I feel much more anxious post-interview. Kinda glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. Im staying hopeful, but I honestly don't know what to think. Keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck to you!

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Haha. U can't sleep either? My nerves are still in overdrive. I'm curious what Q's they asked you but don't want you to post it here in case MTSA is weird about giving away information before the 2nd and 3rd days of interviews.

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