Does anyone have good study / learning tips for human biology?


Good day:

I just signed up for intro to human biology (with a lab) for the summer. While I had chemistry and biology in high school, that was 32 years ago.

Does anyone have any good study / learning tips for human biology where one's chemistry background is weak?

Thank you.


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I'm not All that great at chem either. I just took general bio last semester & aced it. I studied every single night for 30 min. Try to understand the concepts instead of just memorizing them!


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I am not good in chem either. I am taking it a little at a time and trying to finding tricks to understand the concepts. I actually do this with my kids too. Find a way to understand it that is easy for you to remember. Good luck! I am taking classes this summer too. :)

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Khan academy is a good review website for chem. :)

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With the text, I would read the chapter summary first. That gives me a clue what stuff is the most important to focus on. Then I'd read it again afterwards to see what I got...and what I missed.

And be sure to do your reading before class.

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Good day:

Thank you all for your input.

With my course load this ummer, I'm not in a position to take an online or other type of chemistry class. So that's why I asked about how to learn to do well in bio without a solid chemistry foundation.

Thank you.