Does anyone ever live chat... if so when??

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Would like to chat live ... I have gone into the chat room and never ever see anyone what gives????


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as do i !! i am usually on from 12:00 to 3:00 or four am. EDT most nights.

Maybe we can get some ppl togetther if we post the times we will be on.


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Well, I attempted to do so one evening but couldn't figure out how to do it. Had my computer literate daughter take a look and she couldn't figure it out either. I chat with my best friend on and don't have a problem. My daughter chats on several chat lines and she's never had a problem. Don't know what, if anything, that I'm doing wrong. I'm getting home about midnight PST and going to bed about 0300, so don't know if anyone's up cruisin' the site then. But I have weekends off, so am on in the evening my time.


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daylight cst would love to live chat although like yall there never is anyone on. also during the weekday on around 10-3am after the kids and others are aslep.


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let me know when, please.


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originally posted by lpn,future, rn

let me know when, please.

seems like we r on alot at the same time. ha ha you never sleep either do ya :cool:


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I plan on getting on around 12:30 am Eastern standard time hope to see some one...anyone !!!!!!


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I'll be at wk however I will keep trying to catch someone on

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