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Does anyone have any DRUG CARD examples?

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I need to start my drug cards but I don't have any examples to go off of. Know any good sites, have any examples or can at least tell me what key info i should have on each entry.


Marie_LPN, RN, LPN, RN

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This is what i used as mine:

Cleocin (clindamycin hydrochloride): Give 900 mg in NS every 8 hours by IV

Classification: antibiotic

Pt. effect: Thjis med was prescribed for infection prevention postpartum

Nursing considerations: Question pt. for history of allergies, particularly to clindamycin, lincomycin, aspirin. Avoid, of possible, concurrent use of neuromuscular blocking agents. Monitor bowel activity, stool consistency; report diarrhea promptly due to potential for serious colitis (even with topical or vaginal). Assess for skin rash with topical application. With all routes of administration, assess for superinfection: severe diarrhea, anal/genital/ pruritus, increased fever, change in oral mucosa.

Include whatever your instructor says too (ours didn't require therapeutic levels or peak and trough, though)

A better explaination of my drug card:

Brand Name (generic name in parantheses): The order for the pt. went here, don't forget the route, either

Classification: What kind of drug is it?

Pt. Effect: Why is this pt. taking it? Is it working? How?

Nursing Considerations: ANYTHING about this drug that the nurse needs to keep in mind.


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You are STILL making drug cards? Well what I did was get the cards bound into a spiral notebook. They don't get lost that wayf and we only had to show we had them. The TAs never looked at them. Somewhere in my office is all the detritus from those days. 22 page careplans, hand written. And about 300 drug card. Oh I also color coded a stripe across the top to indicate what family the drug wan in.





etc. etc.

studentnurse74, LPN, LVN

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Here's what one of mine looks like:

hydrocodone w/APAP CIII Analgesic

Anexia, Bancap HC, Ceta-Plus, Co-Gesic, Dolacet,

Duocet, Hydrocet, Hydrogesic, Hy-Phen. Lorcet, Lortab,

Margesic H, Maxidone, Norco, Panacet, Stagesic,

T-Gesic, Vicodin, Zydone

Dosage: Adult- PO 5-10 mg q4h prn; Child- PO 1.25-5 mg

q4h prn

Uses: relief of moderate to moderately severe pain

Side Effects: light-headedness, dizziness, drowsiness,

N/V/D, impaired mental & physical performance, psychologic

dependence, respiratory depression

Antidote: aspirin- emesis induction; hydrocodone- naloxone IV

Nursing Implications: avoid alcohol; may take w/food or

milk to decrease GI upset; use w/caution in head injuries; safety not

yet determined in children; use w/caution in elderly, or those

w/hepatic or renal impairment

It copied black and white, but I have all the sections in different colors, bolded, etc. Yes, I'm still doing mine too. They aren't due for another 2 weeks.

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