Maryville University BSN to DNP

  1. Hi everyone, I just got accepted into Maryville BSN to DNP program starting this January, I'm excited and scared at the same time, is there anyone doing this program currently or about to start in January? Pls let me know, thanks.
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  3. by   sirI

    Just wanted to wish you good luck in your DNP program.
  4. by   Shadygirl, DNP, AGNP-C
    Thanks, I'm really excited about this program and I'm just looking for anyone that is familiar with the program.
  5. by   sirI
    I'm sure someone has attended or is attending this program. Hopefully they'll come along with some helpful info. :candy:
  6. by   Owethu123
    Quote from shadygirl
    Thanks, I'm really excited about this program and I'm just looking for anyone that is familiar with the program.
    Hi Shadygirl, how are you doing with the BSN-DNP program. I have interest but the coordinator was very discouraging. Please let me know how you are doing. I work full time (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 12 hr shifts. I do not have small kids. My last born is 23 yrs and at College. My husband is lie maintenance. I smoke very motivated. First you think I can do it.
  7. by   Shadygirl, DNP, AGNP-C
    You sure can do it, I also work full time, (36 hours every week) and I'm married with 3 little boys, this is the first week of the program and so far so good, it's a lot of reading and writing papers but you have to be motivated and if I can do it you sure can do it, I will keep you posted as my classes progress and I can answer all your questions about the program.
  8. by   Owethu123
    Thank you so much, shadygirl.
  9. by   Shadygirl, DNP, AGNP-C
    Hi Owethu123, I just finished my first class last week with an A and I started my second class yesterday, it's been good so far, just thought I should update you about the program.
  10. by   madani182005
    Hi Shadygirl,
    I am interested in the BSN to Fnp or AGAANP in maryvile uni. How are you doing so far with your program? Was wondering if u took the board exam already or not?

  11. by   Shadygirl, DNP, AGNP-C
    The program I am doing is actually BSN to DNP with FNP concentration and the duration is 3 years 4 months, I will be done with the first year of the program in 2 weeks. Having said that, the program is very rigorous and demanding but if I can do it you should be able to do it, if you are not interested in the DNP you can opt for the MSN with either FNP or AGANP concentration, Maryville is a very good school and graduate online programs requires a lot of time management and self study, overall, I am pleased with my decision to go with Maryville University, if you have any other question about the program you can always ask.
  12. by   lstSmile
    Hi shadygirl,

    I'm currently researching your same program and wanted to know how you were finding it? are you enjoying it? are there classes or profs you find difficult? does the program support you? do you graduate with both an MSN and a DNP? or just a DNP? Any advice on how to get on top of time management?
  13. by   Shadygirl, DNP, AGNP-C
    Hi IstSmile,
    To tell you the truth, it's very demanding but I have been able to work full time I don't know if I could do that when I start my clinicals in January. I have been very lucky with my Professors, I have had the good ones so far, one even gave me a reference for a job despite the fact that she had never seen me before. I have heard several people complain about the patho and the pharmacology classes but i can't tell you anything about that since I have not taken those 2courses, I am scheduled to take them in the fall, then I will be able to give you some answers but so far , I don't have any regrets. Ads far as I know, you graduate with a DNP although we also completed the master level courses but I am not really bothered about that, I just want to finish and get my life back, I hope I have answered your questions and if you have any more questions I will continue to give you answers, good luck with your search.
  14. by   Brian96
    Hi Shadygirl,

    I'm considering attending the same BSN to DNP program at marryville next year and wanted to know if you knew how competitive acceptance into program is? I know the GPA requirement is a 3.25, but is that really what is needed?