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Just curious, with all of this DNP talk does anyone think that less people will go for the PhD now. We have so few PhDs as it is I just wonder what will happen with existing nursing doctorates. And... Read More

  1. by   Mission
    Quote from marineRN
    You underestimate the pull of the AACN, hospitals dont HAVE to be JCAHO accreditation....does not make them any less powerful. And yes....nursing is different than nontechnical degrees where the PhD is the highest degree. Just as in Law, Med, Divinity. Some profs have a PhD but not all. The degree that is required to be a prof is the Md, Jd, Div etc....not the PhD. PhD means you are trained in RESEARCH not TEACHING. Now I stipulated that if the entry to NP does become DNP only it will largely phaze out PhD instructors in those programs, if it changes then that may not be the case. Now about it changes for the larger academic world it will effect tenure of DnP profs b/c it will effect all profs, and it should be changed as it has largely created an environment of liberal profs who can sit on their laurels and spew their ideology immune from everything as opposed to fostering "academic freedom" as it was intended.


    The NIH has much more power than the AACN. Unless the NIH is going to start giving research dollars to DNPs they are not going to be on equal footing as PhDs when it comes to tenure.
  2. by   marineRN
    That is true, but as more schools start switching others will follow suit. It is inevitable. Then we will end up like Med, Pharm, Dentistry, Podiatry it should be. PhD will be a component of advancing the practice of nursing, but the clinical degree (DnP) will be the required degree to be a prof.
  3. by   marineRN
    And the real reason why it will change is because the "old guard" of nursing education and academic administrators will NEVER advocate for less education, and as it has already started to change they will be falling over themselves to follow suit as they believe it will increase their prestige and money.