Best schools for DNP-psychiatry?

  1. I've been looking for a few years now, trying to find a program that has what I want.

    At this point, I've come to the conclusion that no DNP program has a bunch of hard sciences; fine.

    So, moving forward, all the schools seem to be similarly priced. Yale and Azura, for instance, are both about $1200 per credit hour.

    I have my MSN and have been practicing for 5 years. Any suggestions on a solid, fairly priced school that has a good program? Hopefully, some of you are in the middle of a program or have completed one, and can give me some advice.

    I really appreciate it.
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  3. by   DrZaphod
    Nobody's in psychiatry?
  4. by   mzaur
    I'm curious why you feel the need to get your DNP if you already have an MSN?
  5. by   Othernothing
    I'm looking at Vanderbilt and Saint Louis U. Both have DNP and post masters in psych and you can apply to combine.
  6. by   DrZaphod
  7. by   priorities2
    OHSU looks like a good program, though the DNP year is pretty much all residency so it may be irrelevant if you've been practicing 5 years.
  8. by   DrZaphod
    Thanks, I appreciate your responses. I actually got my MSN from SLU.
  9. by   JavelinO
    I know Drexel has a pretty good program. From what I heard, Wash U has a great program without the need for GREs.
  10. by   Agrippa
    Honestly, I don't think there is a great way to determine which programs are great. If you use USNews report's ranking, you'll see that the methodology they use is very...qualitative. Furthermore its an evaluation of the CNS program from 2011 data if I recall.

    Furthermore, I think that all of my clinical education will be self-directed. Every program will teach you basic health assessment, patho, pharm, "research", etc. But to actually learn how to do proper psychiatric interviews, psychotherapy, psychopharm care etc - you need clinical hours. According to Gladwell, probably close to 10,000 hrs. I would go to a school that has plenty of opportunities for extra-clinical training opportunities. Thats just me.

    At this point, what I am then most concerned with is - how will where I go to school effect my post-graduate opportunities. The people who hire PMHNPs are usually physicians. Even at my current large research hospital, the psychiatry department tells the hospital's NP Human Resources Dept of their need, and then the Psychiatric Medical Director interviews and hires candidates. Every PMHNP he has hired has gone to a traditional brick and mortar school, they were MSN prepared, and had good experience.

    When I had a chance to pick the brain of this physician, he highly discouraged any "online" programs. Know your audience. Don't listen to these people on the internet espousing how great the University of Walden or Phoenix University is. I don't care whether they sponsor this website or not. How will the people who will hire your evaluate your graduate education? If you see a candidate from NYU or JHU vs an online school, you can bet the former will be more highly regarded.
  11. by   rainier13

    I've read many of your posts and appreciate your insight on being a psych NP. I'm a new RN, and have applied at Gonzaga in Eastern Washington to do their online MSN NP program. I'm very interested in becoming a psych NP, and am working towards that goal. I've done a lot of research on schools recently, I wanted to let you know about their program as it's one I'm very interested in for my Masters, and possibly DNP later.

    Their online program is reasonable considering the market at $875 a credit. The great thing is that it's almost entirely online with the exception of one weekend visit (you would have to double check on the details). It's also approximate 30 credits which seems reasonable when some programs are double that. So you might go to another school that is cheaper, but then have to take double the credits. Alumni feedback on that school has been great on forums. I recently spoke to the director of the program and he seems to have a lot of great insight, is very accessible and interested in helping students.

    Doctor Of Nursing Practice Online Program | Gonzaga Online

    Good luck in your search and I hope that helps. You have certainly helped me with your advice in the past--so thank you.
  12. by   fullefect1
    Post Masters Psych online at Drexel can be as quick as 24 credits... but it won't give a DNP.
  13. by   zenman
    Have you checked out Rush?
  14. by   resilientnurse
    Rush does not offer a post-MSN DNP program in Psychiatry. I just phoned and checked this out for myself recently.

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